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We are the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne- a non-profit, volunteer member based organisation that brings together community leaders to take action to make our local and global community better. We have members from across Australia and the world. There is no geographical boundary to becoming a member of our Club.

An e-club is a Rotary club that has members who meet regularly online and conduct service projects in their local and international communities. An e-club is the same as any other Rotary club, the only difference being that it uses simple technology to conveniently connect its members.

All of our members are people of action in their local communities and all volunteer their time to become part of a bigger organisation of local people doing service to better the world: Rotary. While our weekly meetings happen online, we also conduct in-person hands on volunteer projects. 

The best way to learn more about our Rotary E-Club is to attend one of our online meetings. It’s free and takes about 1 hour of your time. Click here for more information- 

We are connected- Through videoconferencing, our website and social media our members are able to readily connect with each other, as well as Rotarians anywhere in the world. 

In this way we connect people who are not easily able to join a conventional Rotary club. For instance, people who are busy professionals, have young families or are housebound.

We are collaborative- Through online discussions we collaborate with other clubs in our district and internationally to plan and carry out service projects. 


We are community minded- Our members are involved in a range of service projects that are of interest to them. These include local and international projects relating to issues such as fighting disease, providing clean water, supporting education and growing local economies. They can be club projects or projects of other clubs with which we assist.

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